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Hypnotherapy sessions are treated with respect, discretion and strict confidentiality and nothing is
ever shared without prior consent. All client data is kept strictly confidential. All notes are kept in secure
files when not in use, and recordings are archived on a secure server. 


Confidentiality will only be broken for legal or safety reasons, including, but not limited to:  
you are about to, or have recently, cause(d) harm to yourself, others, or to children. 

"Thank you again for being so incredible with me.


I am definitely feeling strong and positive, am excited about my present and about my future."

Mr. E. R. (United Kingdom)

"I feel more free in myself and joyful, undoubtedly, and more protected, which is so unfamiliar to me that I can feel it will take some time to move into this new paradigm. And that's how I feel.


There has been a subtle shift that I can´t quite express as I am feeling into it and trying to get re-accustomed. It's very…refreshing! and relaxing. Life does feel easier somehow even with all the busy goings-on and usual mishaps. 


Mrs. T. F. (Iceland)

"I'm doing really well! I feel happier than for a long, long time, maybe ever...
And I think the most amazing thing is I don’t have the emotional pain! It’s really gone!"

Mrs. E. P. (Norway)

"I heard of Rapid Transformational Therapy, after trying many other therapies, and became interested
in the different approach that this therapy has. At the end of the first session, I felt really positive and peaceful.


We have worked on several different issues that I wanted to change, and
it has been an eye-opening path
of transformation.


The patience and respect that Gwen has, allowed me to open up with confidence. It is a more practical
type of therapy, more in tune with
the times we are living in." 

Mr. C. P. (London)

"My poor self-esteem and lack of confidence were a great obstacle to my achieving my innermost dreams.


My session with Gwen was very revealing. We did some powerful inner child work to clear these obstacles. I am feeling more energised, more positive and
am moving forwards.
Thank you, Gwen."

Ms. R. F. (Blackheath, London)

"I used to have persistent tension headaches and migraines. With Gwen's help, I have managed to get rid of them completely!


It's amazing to be free of constant pain."

Ms. M. D. S. (Gillingham, Kent)

"I just want to say a massive thank you for teaching me to look at the positives in life and for helping me on my journey. You have made me so much stronger.


You have taught me to never give up and to see the bigger picture. My life is getting better and  I’m starting to feel happy again."

Mrs. E. A. B., (Suffolk)

"I have been doing much better since I saw you last. My mood has been consistently up and no anxiety!"

Miss. A. V., (London)

"I had a traumatic childhood and suffered sexual abuse from my father in my teenage years. I tried so many different things to try and remove the feelings of guilt, depression, and anxiety. My confidence was extremely low and I never felt I was enough. 


This led to consistent bad relationships and constant changes in jobs, living arrangements, as well as compulsive behaviours. I wanted to remove this pain from my life and understand why I did it in the first place. Deep down, I knew that one day could amount to something great if I could just get past this. 


That's when I met Gwen, she came forward and offered me a session in RTT.

IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I have tears in my eyes writing this, because I never thought it to be possible to remove the guilt and anxiety associated with the trauma that I suffered. I am so happy and grateful beyond words. 


Since doing one session with Gwen, my confidence began increasing more and more every single day, the feelings of guilt and shame that I had before no longer exist. I feel new wonderful transformations happening with every passing day.
I feel more settled within myself, my compulsive behaviours have stopped and I have become a lot clearer on my future and how to get there. I feel like I am ENOUGH now! 


Gwen is the most beautiful person, she genuinely cares and her compassion and understanding shines through, she has gone above and beyond to be there for me and support me through this journey. Thank you Gwen! Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for transforming my life and giving me the freedom I deserved. I will always be forever thankful to you and your beautiful soul. "​

Ms. K. B. (Australia)

"Thank you for all today.

You are amazing. You instantly see the spot and guide like a cruise missile towards it."

Mr. M. G., CEO (London)

"I decided to get in touch with Gwen after going through a very difficult break up which shattered my self-esteem and self-worth. 


Almost immediately Gwen made me feel at ease, she is a very empathetic and personable individual and I knew that she was the perfect person to work through my issues with.


After just one session I felt lighter, more whole and back to myself again. Gwen was so wonderful throughout the RTT process- checking in and encouraging me at all times.


I am so thankful for you Gwen you really helped me when I needed it most xx."

Ms. S. G. (Essex, United Kingdom)


"I don't feel I have properly said thank you for all the help you have given me and the change that I am seeing in myself.  I feel so very, very blessed to have met you and worked with you. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart"


Mrs E. M. (United Kingdom)



"After listening once, I am already feeling better…I just want to say to Gwen: there is something so special in you, in the way you care and give, that every effort you make in helping people, will be rewarded by the Universe..because you make a difference in the most possible positive way...just being with you, listening to you…will change every person you are working with…


Thank you for your gift to me…
I needed exactly that…a voice and words from someone who cares and gives…I can't thank you enough…
This is my recording for life."​

Ms. I. M. (Croatia)

"I feel at peace, after years of feeling shame, guilt and anger.
Life feels good."

Mrs. C. S. (North London)

“At the beginning of the year, I developed a cyst at the back of my knee. I could hardly move my leg, as it was very painful and incredibly stiff, and it limited me tremendously.


A few weeks ago, I had a session with you. Now, I have full mobility again and have had practically no pain since our session. I can't describe how grateful I am for your help in changing my life. Thank you so much. You are very gifted."

Mrs. M. G. (Greenwich, London)

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